Milk Carton Fold Step by Step

ALBTme milkcarton fold tutoral pic
Even though it may seem easy enough I found it helpful to just post detail instructions to fold and close one of my  milk cartons.
So bear with me and just try it!
I am using one of my designed milk cartons with the superhero theme.
 1.First start out cutting all around the outer edges.
Cut all corners clean for better fit at the end.
 2.Fold all the flaps…Use your finger or a folding tool.
I use my fingers…
 3. Do that with the remaining 3 bottom flaps.
 4.Now let’s start with the sides and fold, fold, fold…
(very important to fold at the lines…do it slowly, the paper gives in most of the time when you are doing this)
 5. Now the horizontal folds…
 6. And this one is tricky … The triangle fold.
Just grab the paper by both ends on that diagonal line and fold making sure you are doing in over the line.
Use light pressure just to make sure you are on the lines and then crease.
Do the same in all 4 diagonal lines.
 7.The little top part is just folding the paper into itself and creasing the small line to create a 3D effect…:)
 8. Now all is scored or folded or creased…and ready for the next step.
 9. Tape.
I use double sided tape and I have found it strong enough to hold all the goodies you can fit in the box.
But if you prefer glue, I recommend do it lightly as it can curl the paper and is not as easy to move if you make any mistakes.
 10. I start taping the bottom flaps in the opposite end of the large side flap.
Now apply a small piece of tape just to cover the length of the first flap.
Now carefully fold over the box to tape the first flap.
Make sure the corner matches or you will have a crooked box at the end.
 11.Use the table to level the box to make sure you have a clean straight line when taping.
 12. Now continue with the other 2 bottom flaps.
Leave the large on the side last.
 13. Now the last: large side flap.
Tape it, and carefully line it with the other end.
 14.Use your fingers inside the box to flatten and put more pressure as to secure the tape even more.
Make sure you do the same in the bottom.
 15. Now your box, looks like a box and it just needs to be filled and closed.
Use a little piece of tape and put it inside the top open end in a diagonal direction to close the box.
(Just remember to put your goodies inside first!)
 16. Now pull together both sides of the box and… Press.
Voila! Your box is ready and full
17. And here is my superhero box…
Ready for that party!
I hope you enjoyed this step by step tutorial…
Again I apologize if you thought it was nonsense, but I was more than inclined to show the time and precision something like this can take.
Have an awesome day!!
And see you next time…